About us

"The creative adult is the child who survived"


The back story

I was blessed to be born into a creative family which has set the tone for my passions, outdoor activities and which drew me to the rich cultures and art that have inspired great adventures.

At 38, it was time to pursue the fire inside, but before i get into that, lets start at the beginning;

Born in the free state, we moved to Cape town, where i attended college, as i was young and unsure of what the future held and what my calling was, i did a business management course, which did serve me well. Once completed we moved to Nelspruit where my fiance opened his second business, we decided that i was to assist him until he filled the position but after several years i eventually became part owner and we have been running the business for 19 years.

During the 19 years i have watered my garden of creativity with professional photography, art exhibitions and few DIY sideline passions, but as anyone would know that owns a business, everything else always takes a back seat, but my passion never falted.

In late 2018 i was doing some research when a vinyl cutter caught my attention, i begged for several months before i was gifted with the machine and little did i know it would open pandoras box, it couldnt of come at a better time especially following a tough year in business, i felt like it was the right time, i was 37 at the time, not getting any younger and i wanted to feel the reward of creation every day.

"A little naive is an understatement, especially since artist undergo loads of frustration during the creative process"

In February 2019 i went to a printing expo, it was not for a specific purchase but more for the curiosity inside, i knew in my minds eye that i needed a bigger machine, but what kind of machine and i was not even sure what i wanted to do with the machine.

Fortunately as i was leaving the expo, the Hp booth caught my attention, specifically the latex printer, several minutes later, quote in hand i left the expo with a purpose.

"i was sold on the first line "its non toxic"

3 months later and several personal sacrifices in order to afford the deposit on this machine and there it was, at my door step too big and heavy to fit through the door, well i'll save you the logistic details and end the story with....... 

several months later, several innovations, many many outbursts that ended in tears, a lot of school fees and phone bills and its been the best decision i have ever made, from meeting my clients to designing their decor and working closely with my team, there is nothing better then the days spent innovating new ideas or products and seeing it become something special.

Its been an amazing adventure thats made me excited to get out of bed, made the blood rush to my head and given me the most ah-ha moments in life.

Meet the Printbot team

We offer installation in Gauteng and the Mpumalanga area, our installation includes a visit from one of our friendly team members for a free measure and quote.


Our office 

Our offices are in Nelspruit, but don't let that stop you, we ship nationwide and all our products come with a warranty for peace of mind and if that does not convince you, we have our support team.

The proud owner of Printbot 

The 38 year old beagle and bunny obsessor and endorsor, mtb cyclist adventurist, a dedicated photographer and decor creator enthusiast trying to set sail using the winds of life.