Wallpaper Vs Decals

Want to revamp your space but not sure which application will work best or suite you best?

Here are some Pro's and Con's on both to help you decide

Vinyl Decals

Pro's of vinyl decals

  • Very easy to install
  • Very easy to remove
  • Won’t damage walls
  • Can change the design easily
  • A LOT Cheaper 
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in many options like printable images not just cut out
  • Comes in any size
  • Can look like wallpaper with a continuous pattern


Disadvantages of vinyl decals

  • Can sometimes peel off after some time
  • Sometimes it can cheapen the look and look less stylish
  • Decal can get damaged during application


Pro of wallpaper

  • More stylish
  • Permanent - which can be both a advantage and a disadvantage
  • Completes any Wall
  • More intricate designs available
  • Much more options on designs available (you can go from photo mural to small dots to a full on wall mural)
  • Many Design options to explore, colour options, small pattern or large pattern

Disadvantages of wallpaper

  • Installation is labour intensive
  • Removing wallpaper is extremely labour intensive and stressful
  • Its expensive
  • Cheaper options contain toxic ink and PVC
  • It’s a more permanent solution and therefore if you get it wrong it might cost you
  • Because is more permanent making style choice is almost like choosing a tattoo design, a lot of effort needs to be put into the choice.
  • Can look dated quickly