Wall trends for 2019

With choices between wallpaper and wall decals, we will give you the latest trends on both

We are loving wallpaper as part of the home decor trend this year, and it just does not seem to go out of fashion, but with so many varieties, how do I choose?

Since 2018 wallpaper has made a huge comeback and is not going anywhere, anytime soon.  And in 2019 we are seeing it everywhere:

Some of the trends we are seeing are 

Bold Mural Wallpaper:  

It is all about accent walls, blending texture in clean and sleek ways and wallpaper does just that.  Perhaps you have been steering clear of wallpaper because you feel it can be hard to apply or take down, but the wallpaper trend gives us the opportunity to get the bold aesthetics we want without too much commitment to hard work.  Wallpaper is relatively easy to apply with instant adhesive, and quite easy to remove.  Renovate and personalise your room instantly!

Wall Stickers:

Another trend that is taking over, is the less permanent vinyl wall decals.  We are not only seeing this in kids’ rooms anymore, but throughout the house; entryways, main bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.  Wall decals are as easy to remove as they are to apply.  (Simply heat up the adhesive with a hairdryer, and pull off) So, they don’t have to be permanent, unless you want them to be!

As with wallpaper, wall decals can be used to create a feature wall in your chosen space to brighten it up.   There are infinite types of looks you could create, from names and quotes, to images and scenery. 



Tropical Patterns:

We are not only seeing bold colours, tropical and geometric prints, but also abstract and literal floral patterns.  Stripes and colourful speckles are also trending the scene.  Breathe life into your space and create visual change in the scopes of the rooms with these beautiful wallpaper prints: 

This tropical wallpaper print creates an eye-catching feature wall.

Turn your space into a tropical paradise with fresh, modern themes.  Fruit patterns are also a fun and colourful way to spruce up your youngsters’ rooms.

Floral patterns:

Floral prints are making quite the comeback with elements of sophistication. As with the tropical pattern, floral prints are also used to create focal points with an element of visual interest.  We are seeing floral patterns being used throughout rooms in the house - bathrooms, baby girl nurseries and even laundry rooms.

Looking for some inspiration, head over to our designer wallpaper range by clicking on this link, we have a large selection of trending designs that will capture any imagination.

Orange Blossom, one of the trends featured in our range. 


Geometric Patterns:

Geometric walls are the next big thing in 2019.  What we love about this pattern, is that it adds so much visual interest without overwhelming the space. Geometric walls present us with contemporary fresh lines with dimensional patterns and look great in entryways, bedrooms and living areas.

Adding geometric patterns to your room will make a bold statement, and in 2019 we are seeing more colours and oversized patterns. 

70`s Chic:

With 70`s Chic coming back in style along with velvet furnishings, this creates a great combined look.  Warm pallets, funky textures and abstract silhouettes is all part of the look.


Velvet sofa, bold dark coloured wall and geometric wallpaper on the bookshelf, showing us how we can combine these different décor trends.


Because bold doesn’t have to mean colourful, and beige doesn’t have to mean boring, the stripe brings a sense of calm and elegance to any room or office and in such a high pace lifestyle, more down to earth tones and moody rooms helps bring stress levels down.




Add a quirk to any room with the Terrazzo pattern, 2019 brings this pattern out from the traditional precast floor treatment onto beautiful wallpaper with beautiful highlighted colours, we love it because its quirky and bold - think "Royal Tenenbaums"


Bold Colours:

We are seeing that bold colours are trending this season, and one colour that does not seem to go away is Millennial Pink.  This hue can be used in new creative ways, for an easy way to update the room with decorative accents, fabrications, and wall coverings.  Other colours that are also trending right now are lilac greys, dark greens, muted pastels and new blues.


The thing to remember here is that there is more than just one trend.  This does not mean you should feel overwhelmed by what to choose.  Style mixing can be challenging; nobody wants a living room that looks like a garage sale explosion, but then again, staying safe with a matchy-matchy look won’t help either.  Fortunately, there are ways to mix and match and still have harmony. 

Styles can be incorporated together, or one trend can be added to your current décor; the trend is to blend! For instance, if you already have a modern minimalistic look and feel to your home and want to add some depth and colour, add a focal point wall (with wallpaper), or a velvet retro armchair (you can refurbish an old chair), to a room for that 70`s chic look which blends so well with most decor!

Wallpaper, Wall stickers and Art Canvasses are an easy and cost-effective way to change the look and feel of the chosen space without going to too much effort.  And the best part is, that if you don’t like the designs available out there, design your own and we can print it for you!

The bottom line is; be bold, be colourful, but most of all, be you!  Love your space and have fun with it.  Elevating your space with wallpaper will add that pop without overdoing it.  And as we can see - wallpaper is not going out of fashion very soon and is a big part of the décor trend!  Big dramatic wallpaper patterns bring a room to life, and it is a great way to blend in with any décor!