Tips on Creating your Family wall


Choosing a space 

This is the easy part, through most of your house there are blank walls, the most obvious trending ones is the staircase and passages, but it would also depend on privacy, personally I kept all my photos in these areas as day visitors don’t see them, only intimate guests, that and I have a huge art addiction so I reserved them for the public areas of my home.

But doing a stylish wall in the entrance of your home is also stunning and in the dining / study area / casual lounge also works.

My motto is go bold!! 

Choosing a style

Pinterest everything !!!!

and I have taken the liberty of sharing my Pinterest Board with you, to help save time ;-) 

Another addiction I cannot live without - there are tons of ideas 💡 

It does not necessarily mean that you have to hire a photographer and quickly whack out a family shoot either - but it might require you to dig through some of those old iPhone photos or photos that get dumped on the computer, never to be seen again 😂 (I highly recommend doing photo books)

Select the photos that you fancy, whether it was big events like the birth of your baby son or your wedding day or it could just be random photos which has a wimsicle feel and invoke an emotion.

If you want to incorporate vintage photos, then use sizes and add a frame filter to jazz them up.

Personally as a photographer my favorite photographs is not the serious family photo shoot look, it’s the capturing a moment photograph that wins and obviously those very important moments or doing a photo shoot theme that’s more abstract.


Once you have these phots you could easily edit them to make them similar and feel that they were shot in the same day with the same concept 

 In my staircase I put a black and white filter on all my photographs and only chose landscape for the one wall and portraits for the other, I chose an even number with both and made sure I had a few extra as sometimes we change our mind 😂


How to hang it

Once again - Pinterest is stacked with ideas and very good ones, how you stack them makes all the difference to the wall - you can make really good photos seem cheap and mmmmmm but if you do it right your wall will be a feature wall and grab attention as well as look like a professional decorator did your wall and before you know it everyone’s doing their wall. 



Logistics of hanging 


I love DIY but I am also honest with myself and very often I don’t do a good job, it’s a internal joke in my house as I am constantly on the look out for the diy things to do and take it on with gusto but the results are often mediocre, but the experience was worth it,  

However when it comes to hanging this is something that needs to be taken serious - so you ultimately have 3 choices

  1. Your husband is an amazing handyman - 💪 good for you!!! That’s your job done and dusted 
  2. You have enough moola to hire the local handyman - 🙌 also good for you, I mere phone call and u done and dusted - however you will have to direct them to ensure they get the stacking right 
  3. You like me will have to take this job on yourself - also well done because we are big strong girls - independent 🤘

You will need the following item 

  • Pencil
  • Ruler to measure space
  • Spirit level
  • Brown paper/newspaper could also work or even old wrapping paper
  • Masking tape 
  • Drill
  • Drill bit (6) should be fine even a 4
  • Screws (make sure they are for a 6/4)
  • A screw driving - preferably an electrical one 
  • A hammer 
  • Scissor 
  • And a lot of energy :-)

Cut out the qty of pictures in squares like the below diagram not only will this help with stacking but it will help with spacing and it is easily going to assist with the holes 


Just put the picture on the paper and trace around it, then cut it out and flip picture around so that the back is facing up, now place paper on top and feel where the hook is secured and mark the spot


Now stick them like you are stacking - you can use masking tape for this as it won’t peel ur paint off the wall or leave a residue - masking tape is great and always a good thing to keep around

Once you have stuck these on your wall, use a spirit level to check that each square is strait

Use a ruler, to check that the spaces between the squares is even and the same and that ur hole is exactly in the middle and positioned correctly.

Now once you happy, maybe walk away and let it simmer for a few minutes to make sure you are happy Happy 

Now for the drilling and I say drilling because anything that has to do with a hammer will end in disaster - drilling is just so much neater and more secure.

Drill your holes - drill through the paper (just make sure ur paper is well secured so that u drill accurately) - insert your screws - clean the space and 

(A nifty tip is, take a old 2ltr bottle cut it in half and when u drill, put it under so all the dust gets collected in the bottle - I’ll include instructions here )

Walla you are done,  now step back and look at your handy work!!!


Well done.