How to Select and Apply Wall Decals

How to Select and Apply Wall Decals / Vinyl


How to Choose your Decal:

Select the décor style, colours and measurements of the chosen space to make the right decision on choosing a Decal that will be the best fit.  

There are several places to get ideas from and Pinterest is just one of the sites you can explore - check out our Pinterest Board for some inspiring ideas.

1.First choose your space

2.Second Decide on Decor Style and what look you want to achieve

  • Choose colours that work well together
  • Choose the right size Decal for your space
  • Be sure that you will love and enjoy the Decal you have selected!

The best thing about Vinyl wall decals is that it can easily be removed and replaced.

Some Tips on choosing your design;

For your lounge we would recommend large Decals, which work better for a large empty wall.  Choose colours that work well with the existing colours in the room.  Large Decals is a good backdrop for furniture.

If the space is modern, choose a Decal that is also modern like symmetrical lines. 

Do you want a fun and lively space?  choose small continuous decals like green cactus or large .

Natural touch?  Choose elements of nature, like large tree trunks, large leaves or flowers.

Check that your chosen product is made of safe materials – VOC-free, Phthalate free, lead-free or non-toxic.  We only use Latex inks and substrates which are toxic free.

Okay so now you have your Decal, now what?


How to Apply Wall Decals

Tools you will need for applying the Wall Decal:

  • Dust cloth, sponge or damp cloth
  • Squeegee or Credit Card 
  • Masking Tape
  • Level (If you don’t have a level, there are various apps for smartphones)


Clean the surface:

A clean surface will allow the Decal to stick properly.  If there is any dirt or oil on the wall, the Decal might not stock properly, therefore, cleaning the wall space of your Decal is very important. 

  • Remove dirt and oil with a damp cloth or sponge
  • A small amount of soap can be used.
  • Remember that the wall must be completely dry before applying the Decal

The placement:

Avoid ruining your Wall Decal by ensuring that you are satisfied with wall, design and placement, remember wall decals is removable but cannot be reused, so we suggest the following;

Without removing the back paper, tape the Decal to the wall, now you can see how the Decal fits the space without applying it permanently, adjust the Decal until you are 100% happy with the look.


Set level guidelines lightly with a pencil on the wall ahead of time, then line up Masking tape with the pencilled level line, making it easier to see through the transfer paper and to ensure you get your placement right.

Lay the Wall Decal face down and gently peel off a bit of the backing layer, by Exposing a small area of the backing paper will ensure the decal will be held in place while applying it to the wall.(You will see that there are three layers:  The Backing Paper, Decal and Transfer Paper.)  



Align the top of your Decal with the Masking tape level line.

Be sure to press the exposed Decal and Transfer Paper firmly in place along the wall, as this is used to hold the Decal in place as you roll down the backing, now work this in sections by smoothing out as you go and pulling down more of the backing paper, till eventually the backing paper is completely removed and only the decal and transfer paper is left on the wall.

Once all the Backing paper is removed, the next step is to use a plastic squeegee or a credit card to iron over the transfer paper and decal, this will ensure that the vinyl sticks firmly to the wall and it smooths out any bubbles, be sure to smooth over by working from the centre outwards, moving the air bubbles out to the edges where they will be released. As a final step, go over the edges one last time, helping to keep the Decal in place as you pull off the Transfer paper.


Now Remove the Transfer paper by pulling close to the wall and not away from the wall.  Work by pulling from the corners and avoid pulling the entire width. 

We suggest using a rocking motion from side to side.

If there are any visible air bubbles it can be removed again with a squeegee with a centre outward motion.

Remove creases by gently peeling back the Decal to the exposed crease and re-flatten with squeegee or credit card.