How to create a moody room

Dark moody rooms are inviting and cosy, even in larger spaces and dark schemes make a great backdrop for furniture, whether neutral or bold in colour and design.  And on the practical side, they can hide sticky fingerprints and irregularities in the walls.  A more eclectic room will feel cosier than a minimalistic one.

Creating Feature walls with contrasting accessories, yet still incorporating the same colour tones is ideal, as it sets a ton around the room and brings it together.

We are loving the contrast of the brass against dark backdrops, incorporating brass accents and fixtures in can instantly elevate the room, this brass door handle against the dark coloured door and wall sets the mood instantly.


Looking to create an enigmatic and mystical space? 

Dark allure, mystery and luxury come to mind, and here we will look at a few tips to help you create that sophisticated look.  Dark and moody interior design is a style that conveys a deep and saturated colour palettes and an abundance of depth and character.  Think dark colours, but keep in mind that white can also work as this look has a lot to do with your lighting.  Also consider colours that make you feel calm.  When it comes to choosing colours, think about the tone and saturation.  Not only the walls should be considered here.  When choosing darker colours like black or charcoal grey, add a little depth by using mirrors, providing a reflective quality to allow brightness to enter the room.  This will add to that moody aesthetic you are aiming for.

The dark feature wall is complimented beautifully with matching tones, the bookshelf creates a cosy feel, and the art on the walls gives us a dramatic effect.


Which colours do I choose?

Bold dark colours for your wall seems logical, but also ask yourself what makes you feel snug and what brings emotional depth to you space.  Red might make you feel anxious, but deep blues and greens might make you feel calm.  Consider dark browns, tans, navy blues and emerald greens.  You could paint the room or feature wall with a charcoal, slate blue or even black colour creating a cosy vibe, while at the same time adding an edge.  Or choose bold dark coloured wallpaper for the wall or feature wall.  Offset the dark wall with vibrant coloured accessories, adding drama and personality to the room.  The dark backdrop brings the items out in strong contrast for a very cosy space.  Light flooring will also balance out the dark walls.  If you think the room might end up being too moody for your taste, try incorporating a slightly warmer coloured wall piece or perhaps a bookshelf.  This can create a dynamic contrast to dark walls and bring the moody room to life.  If you prefer keeping your walls white, bring in moodier colours in your accessories.

What else should I focus on when creating my moody space?

Create a comfortable look with throws, pillows and rugs


Textures and materials

Look to accessorise in marble and brass.  Incorporate vintage elements, books and art.  Adding photos, favourite records and stacked textiles will make the space feel intimate.  Velvet, felt or velour will bring some necessary softness to the space, as will natural linens.  And keep in mind that velvet furnishings are trending this season.  Add mostly natural things that feel and smell good; Fur throws knitted blankets and soy candles.  Invoke an inviting comfortable look with fluffy pillows, a thick wool rug on the floor or a soft cushiony sofa.  A room filled with assorted things feel cosier then a minimalistic one.  Lean a few objects like framed artwork or photos, canvassed pieces, metal or wood signs and architectural pieces such as shutters against walls or other backdrops.  This creates visual texture, it is easy to change up, can hide unsightly items and creates more dimension, interest and charm.


Create an inviting cosy look with candles and lamps


Lighting that is too overbearing can ruin that dark and mysterious vibe.  With a moody interior, just the right amount of natural light must flow through.  If natural light is not an option, you can create intimate spaces with lamps around the room and candles and twinkle lights to accent and accessory or doorway.  Dimmer light-switches are also handy.  Steer clear of using intense overhead lighting.  Strategic lighting keeps a dark room from being too intense while creating an inviting ambience that feels inviting.

Large scale artwork

Hang large art pieces for a dramatic effect


Well placed and an oversized piece of art may just be the easiest way to turn any room into the stylish sanctuary you are looking for.  Large art pieces can give an impactful first impression creating a bold statement by adding drama and mystery to your space.  Make the room feel connected by keeping similar colours, but keep in mind that you also want contrast for that dramatic effect.  You do not have to go out and buy an expensive piece of art, you can always have your design printed art at a fraction of the cost. 

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Some tips on creating moody master bedroom

A large piece of moody art just above the bed can do a lot of the hard work for you in making the room feel a bit dark and mysterious.  Keep it in a similar colour story to your bedding, making the whole room feel united.  Make a statement with an upholstered or leather headboard.  Use plush and layered bedding; try block colours and bring in some patters on a small scale with cushions and throws.  Be daring with black paint or wallpaper, even if it is just on the wall behind the head of the bed.  This will create contrast with lighter furniture pieces like a headboard to pop against it. 



Moody interior is about luxurious, comfortable spaces with added mystery and allure.  Add your own personal style with what makes you feel cosy, snug and calm. Create a space where you can escape to.   It’s all about senses, objects and imperfections.