How to bring autumn into your home

Welcome Autumn into your home

So as 1st March rolls around... so does autumn and there is no better way to welcome the season by changing small habits in your home to welcome the cold cosy season and the first place to start is the smell of your home.

We have sourced some tips on how to make your home smell of autumn that are easy, affordable and natural AKA resource efficient…. Without any inter web ads and the inter web junk and we even have something for those of you that are like me and don’t always have to time to "Martha".

Head over the Jean-genie for this little bottle of magic.

@ R70.00, this bottle packs a powerful punch and here is why we love it;

All Jean's products are natural and locally produced by her - so not only is it proudly South African, but it is natural, not tested on animals and its good for the environment.

She also has two different fragrances to choose from;

Fabulous Floral or Vibrant Verbena

We love them both and admittedly having one of these in your back pocket for that guest bedroom does come in handy.

Ingredients include;

Distilled water, Alcohol, Glycerine, Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside,

Fabulous Floral - Rose Essential oil,

Vibrant Verbena - Lemon Verbena  


And for the rest of the Martha's out there, try these simple tricks and let us know what you think.

PLUS and this is a big PLUS, with load-shedding, candles are very in right now so might as well make them fun.

1.Coffee bean candles

You will need the following;

-glass jars

-tea candles

-whole coffee beans

Simply add coffee beans into the jar and place the candle in the middle and you are done, you can obviously sparkle the jar up to suite your decor with ribbon or even bedazzle it.

We found this little article on Pinterest.

Article sourced from


2. Cinnamon Candles

You will need the following;



-Cinnamon sticks

As the picture depicts, you tie the cinnamon sticks around the candle and as the candle burns the heat will extract the cinnamon fragrance and fill your home with that delicious baking smell - this one comes with a warning of pancakes on the side.

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3.Herb Potpouri Candle


You will need the following;


-glass jars

-tea candles




-Whole nutmeg

-star anise

-cardamon pods

-Dry rose petals

For a more mature smell, try this one out - taking various herbs, don't be shy and experiment, if you do not have an ingredient take what you have - i would be exited to try dry oranges and apples with cinnamon and cardamon.

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The one i recently tried was whole coffee beans, but instead of using a candle you mix your favourite essential oil and close the jar with a breathable fabric or something you can pierce (i used cupcake liners) so that the smells can escape.