The ultimate boys room

Bedroom ideas for boys:

Decorating your boys room?  When it comes to boys rooms there isn’t much difference between girl rooms and boy rooms, besides maybe the colour scheme and types of toys and games.  A kid’s room should reflect their growing interests.   Focus on fun; start with the things he loves and leave plenty of room to grow.  Feature walls with fun graphic wallpaper or wall stickers are a great way to get creative. Throw in a pouf and textile throw for some sophistication.   Help your kids stay organised by keeping things at their height – closet storage, benches and coat racks will probably be used more frequently if they are reachable. Let us look at some ideas:


Saving space: Organisation is key – it’s all about creating order from the chaos with inventive and clever storage. Balance your desire for organisation with plenty of bright, colourful and child-friendly fun.  Whether your kids share a room or have friends staying over frequently, bunk beds can be used as they take up a lot less space. If you have twin beds, you can rearrange the beds so that they face foot to foot, giving them more room to play.  Use bookshelves not only for books but to store toys and games as well.  Attach wooden crates to the wall to use as shelves.  Make the most of your available space - include as much storage as you can so that toys and games can be packed away at the end of the day.  Add extra storage that your son will be able to reach even when they are still little by using drawers under a cabin bed.  Floating shelfs are also a great way to make a feature of your child’s picture books and make sure they’re easy to reach come story time.  Another way to save space is by taking the away the bed frame – use a headboard decal.    

Bedtime:  Install glow in the dark moon and stars stickers on the wall and ceiling to get them exited about turning out the lights for bedtime.   A personalised headboard will help him feel like the space is really his.  String up some paper lantern fairy lights to cast a soft glow over the room as it gets closer to bedtime.  Add a bedside table and a lamp for reading favourite bedtime stories.

Colour scheme:  Black and white is not usually associated with kids, but a monochrome palette works very well when accessorised with bright colours.  And a black and white palette will always be a classic, allowing you to mix and match patterns without looking disorganised.  Extend the wall theme to the bedding, accessories, wall art and rugs for a cohesive look.  Traditional colour palettes such as blues and reds are the classic option, but don’t be afraid of yellow or calming pastel shades if you want something a little different.  If you want to be bold why not paint the bunk beds in bright colours to make them a lively focal point – when you do something like this be sure that the background colours on the walls and flooring are low-key so that bright furniture and accessories can really stand out.

Walls:  If you do not want to commit to full wallpaper treatment, you can design your own geometric print with wall decals or wallpaper just one wall. If you don’t want to commit to painting the whole room, compromise by painting the door for that added splash of colour.  A gallery wall is a fun way to display your kids favourite things – space, bikes, bunnies, trains and planes.  Another wall gallery idea is to display your kids’ masterpieces by framing them. Whether they’re a toddler or going on 7, hang wall art at the right height for them so they can see the pictures just as well as you can.  Another fun feature you can add is by painting one wall with chalkboard paint.

If your space allows it, create a play corner – a place for arts and crafts, where they can sit and read, play Lego or build puzzles.  Make the space playful for your boy by painting stripes on the floorboards in different hues of their favourite colour.  You can paint them in graduating range of colours for an added effect. 


Nursery Ideas:

When it comes to children’s décor, white airy rooms with playful details add warmth and colour.  Monochrome can be tricky to get right so find balance by adding more soft tones and textures such as wooden accents, a fun wallpaper or contrasting prints. The mountain print wall decal is matched perfectly with the geometric patterns we see in the bedding, teepee and pillows. 


Use a grey concrete print wallpaper for your feature wall.  This looks great with white furnishings and pastel green and blue accessories.  The raindrops print wall decal and wall art also ads a nice touch.  Here a shelf is used too keep your baby products like nappies and creams.


This classic nursery creates a calm and clean atmosphere, but by adding a Whale print wallpaper creates an element of fun and is a great idea for a boys room, later it can be merged into a sailor theme toddlers room.



Toddler Room Ideas:



This bedroom design features clean lines with a white airy space or by choosing to mix in bright blues can make it easy to achieve a scheme that is loads of fun.  The wall stickers are a great addition on a beautiful blue wall.


If your space does allow it, create a play corner where they can hang out, do arts and crafts and perhaps go rock-climbing?  The room also looks and feels cosy and snug with the furry rug, hammock and lounge area.



This themed room invokes so much fun; create a jungle theme with leafy wall stickers, wall art and plants. Use a green and yellow colour scheme with splashes of blue and neutral colours. The teepee on a soft rug and hammocks matches perfectly with the theme.  And keeping to the colour scheme, green and blue drawers and crates are used to stay organised.



Teen rooms:

Keep in mind that the bedroom is more than just a sleeping space for your teenager. They need a space not only for studying but to socialise and hang out too. Incorporate a study area and a space to lounge with friends.


A good desk is a must for studying and homework.  The wall shelves does not take up space and leaves more room to add a pouf or two for a lounge area. 


This bedroom can start off as a preteen room and grow with your boy well into is teens.  The sofa and pouf make for a cosy space and the bookshelf is used for keeping plants, his skateboard and storage boxes with funky patterns – this looks so stylish and organised!  Keeping the wall in a simple colour, and add texture with patterned pillows and a rug.  We love the chalkboard painted wall behind the desk here.