Best Room suggestions for Girls


How can I decorate my little girls room?

Are you decorating your toddlers first big girl room or are you doing a makeover for your pre-teen girls’ room?  You can do anything from pretty in pink princess rooms to rooms that utilise every colour of the rainbow.  There are countless possibilities for a girl’s bedroom.  Bookshelves are not only for books but can also be used to store toys.  Wall art with uplifting messages can make any room exciting.  You might have extra furniture which you wish to reuse – go for the shabby chic look. Add accent pillows and a fluffy duvet to get your little girl excited about her new “big girl” bed.  When designing your little girls` room choose a style that she can grow into.   Try and add furniture in the baby room that can be incorporated as she grows up, like a sofa and bookshelves.  All that you need to do add is a bed!

Baby Nursery Room ideas:

Because not all girl rooms have to be pink!  We love the yellow sofa, which can stay in the room as your baby grows into a little girl and then a little lady.  Keeping the walls neutral make for easier changes, and this wall can be incorporated with a variety of colours, not just yellow.  When she grows up and decides that she likes purple and pinks, an accent wall can be painted and wall art in her favourite colours can be incorporated. 


Use a multi-coloured wallpaper theme and matching rug to give the room that pop.  The bookshelf and dresser here can be used long after your baby is all grown up.  Get creative and add plants, wall art, cushions and a beautiful ceiling lamp.

Peach and gold are a lovely combination.  But you can also go for pastel colours here.  Look how the floor brings out the gold polka dots of the wallpaper along with the gold chair.  Add a splash of beige with bedding and wool blankets.  And for a little contrast; the rose gold flowerpots with green plants does just that.


Lovely combination of pink, grey and gold complimented well by the wood floors and wood print wallpaper.  Add a touch of elegance with a classic ceiling lamp shade.

a different take on a nursery with natural colours, combining brown and green and wood furniture.  The different tones of green used with the two chairs keep to the colour scheme, and the yellow in the lampshade makes it all pop.  Throw in a peach rug and mosquito net and don’t forget about some wall art if you are choosing neutral coloured wallpaper.


Toddler Room ideas:

A soft pink wall colour is age-neutral, and a beautiful rug and tufted bed frame can grow up along with your little girl. Use furniture with enough storage space and narrow furniture if the space is small.   Feel like you are in the forest with a tree wall decal and stuffed animals on the bed.  How about polka dot wallpaper, accentuated with turquoise pillows, throws and other shades of pink? A large and bright poster is a fun focal piece for a girl toddler bedroom.  Geometric wallpaper also adds a chic touch to the room.  Does your toddler like books?  Add a tepee for the perfect cosy place to read.  Purple and gold complement each other and can make your little girl feel like royalty.  Place a dresser in her room so that she can easily reach her clothes.  Of course, vinyl wall decals are a great source for in decorating your little girls’ room, and they are so easy to remove if she grows tired of them.


With this turquoise couch in the room you can create contrast with decorative pillows, a side table and framed art on the wall.  Print and frame your toddlers favourite animals and hang them on the wall. 

Add a tepee to your toddlers’ room where she can read and play.  When keeping the main colour theme white, add pastel blues and pinks with a splash of yellow here and there, ad some hanging lanterns as it creates a cosy warm look.


Creating the ``big’’ girl bed:  

Your baby is all grown up and it’s time to get your toddler excited about her ``big’’ girl bed with bedding in her favourite colours, a nice wool blanket and her beloved plush toys.  A bedside lamp for reading bedtime stories to make her feel cosy and “grown up” is also a nice touch.   Add a feature wall will cloud pattern wallpaper.

Make the bed inviting with plush toys and woolly blanket.  We love the butterfly art and the grey, lilac and pink colour scheme.  Again, we see a space where toys or books can be kept in the cabinet.  


Ideas for your pre-teen girls’ room:

You wont have much say in the matter, but impress your pre-teen with some hip ideas.

How about a bunk bed for pyjama parties? 

Use funky yellow, green and orange colours with a geometric patterned rug to step away from the traditional pink. Add a desk for homework and how about some light reading while relaxing on a pouf?  

Crystal chandeliers add sparkle and maturity to the space:

When creating a room for a preteen girl, you could say goodbye to pink and have some fun by choosing bold colours that match her personality.  Bright orange accent walls pair well with orange and white rugs and orange and pink decorative pillows.  Give your preteen a desk where she can stay organised and work on her homework.

If you want to create a sophisticated look:

choose a black and white colour scheme with patterned wallpaper, polka dot pillows and striped curtains.  Personalise her room with her name or the first letter of her name printed on an art canvass hanging above her bed.

Create a space for your preteen where she can not only do her homework, but arts and crafts too.  The use of rainbow colours looks great with the polka dots on the wall and colour coded boxes for her arts and crafts.  Throw in a pink lush rug and a few potted plants.   

Blackboards are also a fun idea, write messages for your daughter to come home to after school, or she can put her schedule on there for the day, like after school activities.  

This bedroom can start with a preteens room and grow up with her well into her teens.  This room has a look of sophistication, using pinks and greens, beautiful ceiling lamps and black furniture.  Use shelves for your daughters Bluetooth speaker, decorative objects and books, Wooden furniture looks beautiful with peach and pink colours.

Beautiful pinks and purples with wood flooring makes any room look and feel cosy and comfortable, add in some lanterns to create a hip feel.  Turn the bed into a sofa for when friends come over and want to hang out in the room.  Add a touch of class with a chandelier


A lovely grownup room with black and white polka dot bedding and walls, accentuated with a pink rug, bedside table and pink cushions.