5 Creative Wall Sticker Ideas and their benefits

5 Creative Wall Sticker Ideas:

Wall Stickers are one of my favourite products on the market this year.  I absolutely love the fact that it is so easy to apply and easy to remove, and that not only can I use them to decorate my walls, but my furniture too!  I can be quite indecisive at times and tend to change my mind a lot, so for me, this is the perfect affordable option and solution.  (Also, a great option if you are a renter) You can instantly add colours and interest by enhancing your space with your own customised design or on-trend style Wall Sticker. What an exciting and inexpensive way to add flair to your home décor!

Did you know that wall stickers are also known as wall decals, wall tattoo or wall vinyl?  They can be applied to a wall or other smooth surfaces and come in various shapes and sizes – they can be as small or as large as necessary.

You can update any old boring wall with so many different designs – sophisticated motifs, elegant lettering, trees with a trail of leaves, flower blossoms, geometric designs and so much more!

1. Large-Scale Wall Decals

Maybe you are over the mainstream small-scale wall stickers like quotations and silhouettes.  Large-scale wall decals can mimic the look of wallpaper minus all the hard work!  Don’t forget that wall stickers are so easy to apply and remove!  You can customize your own designs; Create a wall mural with tropical forest prints or mimic architectural features like stone or brick.  How about a white-wash wood wall?  You can add a dramatic effect by turning a blank wall into a work of art!   A Stone Wall sticker is the perfect place for a wall with a fireplace, creating architectural interest.

2. On-Trend Prints and Patterns

Trending Flamingos can add so much fun and a splash of colour to your space.   As the trends change, so can you!  Go for designs that will complement the room you are choosing to decorate.  Wall stickers are a great idea to create a feature wall and brighten up your living space.

3. Floral Wall Stickers

Delicate floral wall stickers can create a calming ambience in your living room or bedroom. I personally like to choose sets that come in different sizes so that I can customise my space for the look that I am going for.  Create the look and feel of wallpaper, with a feature wall mural with one large flower sticker combined with smaller flowers or perhaps a few butterflies?

4. Geometric Designs

I love Geometric patterns and what great news - they are on-trend this year!   Clean lines and futuristic patterns are so much fun and what a unique way to turn any room around.

5. 3D Wall Stickers

With this 3D brick wall print, it will look like the real thing.  Make your dreams come to life with a variety of 3D wall stickers to choose from – how about glow-in-the-dark stickers for you son or daughters’ room?

Why would you use a Wall sticker.

 1. Upgrade Your Child’s Bedroom

Because wall stickers are non-permanent, you can temporarily enhance spaces such as nurseries, kids’ playrooms and kids’ bedrooms.  You can change the themes as your children change their minds.  Brighten up a dull wall without too much commitment of paint or wallpaper by rather adding fun and colourful stickers to the wall.  Mystical creatures like unicorns for your daughter, cloud stickers for your nursery or dinosaurs for your boy? The possibilities are endless! 

2. Upgrade Your Bedroom

Maybe you feel your bedroom is dull and needs an update and you need an inexpensive way to do this.  Create visual interest with a tree decal and some flying birds behind your bed.

No headboard?  No problem!  Create a distraction with a beautiful large tree wall sticker.

3. Enhance Your Home Office

So often we can feel demotivated and not up for work.  Feel encouraged and motivated with an inspired and inviting home office.  Create a space where you want to go to everyday and be productive! Why not add a few plants too.

4. Cover a feature wall with a collection of smaller stickers

Spread a collection of small wall stickers over a wall, creating that wallpaper look minus all the fuss!

 5. Add a customized sticker

You can add your own personal touch to an already applied wall sticker.  Why not add your child’s name to her unicorn wall sticker?  Inspirational quotes are also very popular in bedrooms, kitchens or bathrooms.

6. Alternative Uses for stickers

Our wall stickers are not just for walls only!  Dress up your bookcase, cabinets, cupboards, anything that needs some sprucing up - you can even use it on your Laptop, Phone, windows and more.

7. Make a Room Feel Bigger

Make a smaller space feel wider with horizontal wall stickers.